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Plant Based for the Planet

Plant Based for the Planet

March 31, 2019

When we say, "Plant based for the planet", we really do mean for the entirety of the planet-- the people, the animals and the plant life.

Our vision for Green Life District is to offer the Vegan and Plant Based communities a place to find a wide variety of outdoor gear without supporting other outdoor industry leaders who also profit off of products that are harmful to our animal friends and planet. 

We choose our products and partners by carefully vetting each one. We will consistently be adding new and exciting products to expand our ever growing vision. 

For now we offer a variety of things such as camping tents, sleeping bags, camping pads, outdoor cookware, emergency supplies and backpacks. And in the future we hope to offer so much more! 

We are excited to share our journey with you all every step of the way. 

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