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5 Things You Need To Bring Camping

5 Things You Need To Bring Camping

August 15, 2018

Your camping bag does not have an unlimited amount of space. As tempting as it is, you can't take all the comforts of home with you. So, a new camper might be asking, how do I know what I need to take with me? Here's a quick list of our favorites.


1. An Appropriate Tent

This seems like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how much of an impact a tent can make on your camping experience. Take it from someone who tried to squeeze four people into a two-person tent: Two-person tents are for two people. Apparently.


2. A Reliable Light Source


It gets dark at night, even in the bright Alaskan summers. For your safety, make sure you have a long-lasting, durable flashlight or headlamp. Added bonus? You won't have to fumble through the woods to take a midnight leak. A tent light's not a bad idea either.


3. The Right Sleeping Bag

Like tents, sleeping bags are built for specific situations; you wouldn't want to take the sort of sleeping bag a mountainous base camp might use to an overnight stay at a lake. Know what kind of conditions you'll be sleeping in, and find a bag that suits the terrain and comfortable temperature threshold.


4. Campfire Supplies

If building a campfire is anywhere on your camping agenda– and believe me, it should be– you'll need accessories. Sticks aren't gonna cut it. Roasting marshmallows or weenies? Pick up some cheap cooking sticks. If conditions look iffy, we recommend bringing along a wind shield so your fire doesn't go ka-put.


5. W A T E R .

Another common-sense item, but please for the love of all things, make sure you and your party will have access to clean water. Plan how many days you're going to be away from running filtered water and pack accordingly– for drinking and washing. If you're near a viable water source, have a portable survival filter on hand for emergencies.

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