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3 “Enemies” You Have to Deal With in the Wild

3 “Enemies” You Have to Deal With in the Wild

April 23, 2019

Ready to go out into the wild? If you've read some of the most popular books on the experience, you know that it's best to go into nature armed with some particular items.

Check out this list of “mother nature's enemies” that you will encounter out in the backwoods, and the items that you can use to keep yourself and your camp safe and in good condition. Like a boy scout, “be prepared” is the best motto you can have – because Mother Nature is, indeed, unpredictable!

Wet Weather

On any camping trip, one of your biggest enemies is moisture.

Much like the early farmers who prayed to the gods for rain, as a camper you may end up praying to the gods for less rain!

Rain and wet precipitation can create all kinds of challenges in short order.

To guard yourself against these types of situations, it's a good idea to invest in waterproof apparel and gear including tents, backpacks and other items that can stand up to wet weather. Check out our range of apparel and camping accessories featuring waterproof design, along with other innovative functionality to get you across rugged terrain.

Light in The Darkness

Out in the natural world, there aren't any streetlights. You don't flip the light switch and bathe in the comfort of an incandescent glow.

But light is important for all kinds of human activity, including many of the most important camping tasks, like setting up a tent, or correcting some problem with the tent in the middle of the night. You need light to see your tools and figure out how to set up your camp, and you need light in emergency situations.

We carry a range of lanterns and other gear that are portable and sturdy enough to last you a long time in the wild. Getting the right light helps you to handle all sorts of unexpected problems, and having enough warm gear for a cold night helps, too.

Dealing with Flora and Fauna

Of course, when some people think of enemies out in the wild, they first think of bears.

Bears can be scary, but they aren’t always bent on human destruction. They’re also not the only predators that you have to worry about in the wild. Ticks can be deadly, too!

A nifty bear can is one simple tool for keeping bears away from your campsite. In addition, though, you have all sorts of other animals, as well as plants, that can be dangerous to your health. Our tables, hammocks and other gear help keep your stuff away from things like poison ivy, stinging nettles, ticks and other creepy crawlers.

Take a look at everything that we have to offer at Green Life District for your camping trips. You’ll be amazed at what’s out there to help you to coexist with a wild, natural environment, and how these accessories can improve your next excursion!

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